Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions. These questions are usually asked just before a customer purchases one of our products.

1. How do I pick the right foundation shade in your baked powders?

You can always message me (Leah), with a selfie of yourself with no makeup on in natural lighting. I will then ask a serious of questions to help get the color that will match you the best!

If you are local you can always go to these stores and personally try on our samples.

Check out the stores on our contact page!

2. How long does the powder last?

If wearing your baked powder foundation everyday, it typically will last 2-3 months.

Blushes and bronzers can last a year or more depending on how often you use it.

3. Is your mascara good for sensitive eyes?

Yes, we have several sensitive eye customers who love it. Our mascara has no preservatives in it that may irritate your eyes. However, our mascara does have cinnamon in it. If you are allergic to cinnamon use at your own risk.

4. What happens if the powder arrives damaged?

If your powder arrives damaged, please reach out to me (Leah) with a picture of the damaged product. I will gladly replace the product for free for you. This is why our powders are bubbled wrapped when they arrive, to help prevent them from breaking in transit.

5. Can I return my makeup if I get the wrong shade of color?

We do not take returns of makeup, unless I colored matched you wrong on my end.

What you could do if its the wrong color…

If its a little to dark you can always use it as your summer color when you are a little bit tanner. If its to light for you, then you could use it as your winter color when most people are lighter. You could also share it with a friend that may be that color!

6. Do you offer makeup classes?

Yes! Ive been a makeup artist since 2011. I can offer 1 on 1 classes in person or online (zoom). Or if you would like to have a girls night and learn with your friends we can accommodate that as well!

Reach out to me and ask for more information!

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